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Outdoor LED Flexible Border Tube

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  • Similar to our already popular FBTCJ, the WAVE offers additional flexibility to your creative designs due to its back to front bending orientation. Corners and angles can now be installed seamlessly with the Wave.

    Standard Features

    • Energy efficient LEDs consume 3.4W/ft or less, saving up to 70% or more over traditional neon
    • Indoor and outdoor rated
    • Flexible PVC housing can conform to almost any angle, virtually unbreakable
    • Opaque jacket housing with “colored” LEDs every .04 Inches
    • Uniform lighting with no “hotspots”
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • LEDs available in Warm White (2700K), Pure White (3500K), Cool White (4500K), Daylight White (5700K), Red, Blue and Green
    • L70% Maintenance: 50,000 hours
    • Operating Product Length: 65’ when power is supplied to both ends
    • Dimming: 0-10V, compatible with most low voltage (24VDC) magnetic drivers
    • UL2108/IP68/LM-79/LM-80/RoHS/CE/Exceeds ANSI C78.377A
    • WAVE-LCR-24V-F1M

      Seemless injection-molded line cord right feed, factory installed (IP68)

    • WAVE-LCL-24V-F1M

      Seemless injection-molded line cord left feed, factory installed (IP68)

    • WAVE-EC-F

      Seemless injection-molded end cap, factory installed

    • WAVE-MC

      Mounting Clip (0.75" x 0.6875" x 2")

    • WAVE-LCBE-24V-F1M

      Seemless injection-molded line cord bottom feed, factory installed

    • WAVE-LCS-24V-F1M

      Seemless injection-molded line cord side feed, factory installed

    • WAVE-LCH

      Aluminum Linear Channel (0.75" x 0.6875" x 3.28")

  • Product Spec Sheets

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